Terrorism and anti-terrorism:

- The training covers special and police services
- Training of the managing staff at national and local level
- Training of operational executive staff
- Tactical training of functional teams

Special and police forces:

The training is carried out in a single logically closed cycle that includes:

- theoretical blocks
- unarmed tactical training
- armed tactical training
- application of all types of auxiliary security devices
- psychological training
- Actions in case of bomb threats and countermeasures against explosive devices
- Antiterrorist training
- Actions in case of mass destruction weapons /CBR weapons –chemical, biological and radiological weapons/
- Training of police instructors
- Training of managing officers

Bank and corporate sector:

- Training of coordinators, supervisors and persons in charge
- Training of on-site security guards
- Training of mobile groups
- Training of encashment teams
- Training of bodyguards

Personal security and protection:

- Training of basic teams for near defense
- Training of teams for complex defense
- Training of supporting teams for counteractions