Our Mission


Imasti provides consulting and training activities focused on the needs of the public and private law enforcement sector. The volume and content of our projects, programs and events ensue from the ongoing processes and changes in the geopolitical, regional and local security and safety. Our mission is linked with the professionalization, scope, new global trends and specificity of counter-terrorist activities of law enforcement, the latest trends in trans-boundary and regional organized crime and the need of the professional police and security structures to achieve adequate protection of the society and citizens.
Our activity is built around the principles and the latest achievements of the best international practices, developments and innovations of our teams and the concrete needs of the specific public agencies and private partners.
The consulting services are focused on the different aspects of improvement of the activities of our partners, while the training work is intended to ensure the implementation by our clients of the most efficient and professional principles, approaches, methods and techniques in their law enforcement and security activities.