Lubomir Yordanov - Grand Master  - IMB academy and Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation

Founder, owner and CEO of MIBIST Ltd. He graduated from the Ministry of Interior Academy with a MA in Management of National Security and Public Order. He obtained a second degree in law from Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski. Captain Lubomir Yordanov served in the system of national security. He completed a course for management cadres at the Interior Ministry Academy. He worked as an employee operating in counter intelligence - Reserve Officer Captain. Has held office as director of security of a defense industry complex. He was head of operational tactical anti-terrorist group. He worked in the protection of the defense industry and the protection of classified information. Captain Lubomir Yordanov has passed professional trainings in the U.S. and Israel; he has organized conferences and courses with U.S., Israeli and English anti-terrorism experts. Captain Lubomir Yordanov is an expert and senior instructor in terrorism and anti-terrorism, police and security training in unarmed, armed and tactical training, banking and corporate security, personal safety and protection. He is a member of IALEFI / International Association of Law Enforcement Instructors/ and ASIS / American Society Industrial Security/. He is a Grand Master - Jeet Kune Do and the Philippines Martial Arts.